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Floral Tips for the Trendy Bride

Article originally appeared in Richmond Weddings Magazine

by Victoria Zachary

Florists are always looking at what is trending in the floral industry, especially in the wedding world. When designing bridal bouquets and reception table centerpieces, florists try to put themselves in the bride's shoes. There is an overwhelming amount of information and industry terminology that a bride has to wade through if she is looking for ideas for her wedding, but we can break it down for you!

A hot trend this season, for instance, is ombre. At first, this may look like someone misspelled the Spanish word for "a macho or very strong man:" If you know something about the current trend in hair color, however, you may guess what this means when it comes to flowers. The definition of ombre is color that is shaded or graduated in tone. Imagine dark purple to lavender, dark blue to light blue, hot pink to light pink, etc. If you have looked into fabric bouquets, you may see this term used frequently. You can get the same effect with fresh flowers by using lavender roses for the center of your bouquet, surrounding those with purple agapanthus and finishing with dark purple stock, for one example.

Bold monochromatic bouquets are also trendy for 2013. Single color bouquets in bold colors are showing up everywhere. Envision brides carrying bright yellow calla lilies and bridesmaids with bright yellow roses. If you like texture, you can still get the monochromatic look by using a mixture of different flowers of the same color in your bouquet.

Patterns are popular this season, but trend experts are predicting that chevron patterns along with polka dots and stripes will rule the scene. Chevron is defined as "stripes meeting at an angle. This and other patterns can be used on the bouquet wrap and will typically coordinate with patterns on the table linens, napkins and the wedding cake fondant. If you are using polka dots, look into adding button daisies or craspedia to represent the polka dots in your bouquets. Button daisies come in green, yellow, white, pink, and purple. If yellow is your color, craspedia has reached a new height in popularity and makes the perfect yellow polka dot.

Lace, vintage and flapper styles are also very common this season. Consider saving a piece from your lace wedding dress alterations to use as the wrap on your bouquet. You can also include vintage broaches or lockets in your fresh or silk bouquet for a retro touch. If flapper is your style, consider adding feathers and fringe.

Whether you're following the trends or creating your own, consult with a professional florist. Bring your pictures and ideas and review your options with them. It may be helpful to look at floral websites to get an idea of the flowers you may like, too!

Tips for the Trendy Bride by Victoria Zachary